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Distance Learning Professional Investigators Award for SIA Licensing

Distance Learning Professional Investigators Award for SIA Licensing


  • Duration:Distance Learning & One Day Assessment
  • Qualification:SFJ Level 3 Award in Professional Investigation
  • Other Details:Costs: £250.00 +VAT (£300.00) and includes all course materials and assessments.

Key Skills Learnt

  • Qualifies you to apply for an SIA Licence when introduced.

Suitable for…

  • This distance learning course is suitable for those who have experience in the investigation industry.
  • A period of revision is carried out prior to taking the Level 3 Award in Professional Investigation.

Distance Learning for Private Investigator SIA LicencingWAPI BADGE low

ISS Training are offering this private investigator training as a member of the World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI). This distance learning course is designed for those with limited experience in the enforcement or investigative sector.

You may wish to just take the assessment for the Level 3 Award in Professional Investigation without completing the full five day course if you are an experienced investigator. Please note: you will be taken more seriously and be given more credit within the industry if you have undergone full training rather than just the distance learning course with no previous experience.

You will be provided with full comprehensive learning notes, undergo two mock exams and then will be required to attend for a day to sit the two multi-choice assessment papers (after a period of classroom based revision). You will also be required to produce a surveillance recce report and briefing notes for assessment purposes. The course is accredited by SFJ.

The Security Industry Authority (SIA)

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Licencing for PI’s is still ‘work in progress’ but the government has stated that when licencing is introduced, The SIA minimum  requirements to obtain a licence are:-

  • Prove identity
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Have a Level 3 Award in Professional Investigation

Any previous qualifications that are security or investigative related will not be accepted by the SIA (even if you have had a full career in Criminal Investigations). The SIA has stated that all applicants must have the Level 3 Professional Investigation Award. However, if you are competent and experienced, you will be permitted to just sit the assesment test after providing evidence of such work.

The Assessment Day

Commencing at 9am in a classroom environment, all attendees will be required to prove identity by two means such as a passport and driving licence. Periods of revision on each main subject matter will be conducted, followed by written assessment tests taken late afternoon.

Assesment Location & Enrolment

This one day assesment is held in Yorkshire and London. Please contact our office for enrolment.

Course Dates

Skipton £250 + VAT Enquire Now
Skipton £250 + VAT Enquire Now