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Consultant & Advisor

Peter is now working as an independent consultant to help training companies provide accredited surveillance qualifications without the hassle.

Your staff may be very experienced in conducting covert surveillance or teaching surveillance, but are you well versed in interpreting the course specifications, outcomes, and full assessment requirements?

Course Design Service

If you are wishing to run the current OFQUAL Level 4 suite of surveillance qualifications accredited by an awarding organisation, Peter can visit your company and advise on training programmes, lesson structure, realistic training exercises, the assessment process and internal verification. He can provide you with:

  • Course Programmes
  • Lesson Plans
  • PowerPoint Lessons & Presentations
  • Supporting Reading Material (Handouts)
  • Briefing, Planning & Reporting Templates
  • Training Exercise Scenarios
  • Assessment Procedures & Audit Trails

A Course in a Case

Why struggle  to set up a course; training programs, lesson plans, PowerPoint's, exercises, handouts, assessments etc when you can have a complete training course in a 'Case'.

Peter can provide professional guidance to ensure that your training programmes, lessons, training exercises, tuition & feedback follow a holistic approach to ensure all aspects of the assessments are covered in a simple, easy and manageable way.

As a training centre you will undergo periodic assessments by your Awarding Organisation to ensure you follow best practice and to confirm that the tutors, assessors, and internal verifiers are competent in their role. In addition, and just as important, the learners’ assessments are to specification standard, correctly and fairly marked in accordance with the Awarding Organisations criteria.

This package removes the hard work from setting up your training course. Whether you are a close protection company, surveillance, investigation, or security company that wishes to offer the surveillance suite of qualifications, this is the easier way. Experienced, tried, tested and delivered by those at the top of the industry.

Please contact us if you wish to explore this further. We will be publishing more details about this soon.