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2 Day Surveillance Digital Imagery Course

2 Day Surveillance Digital Imagery Course


  • Duration:2 Days
  • Qualification:Tyto Consulting CPD Certificate. Units towards Level 4 Certificate in Surveillance
  • Other Details:Cost £250.00 + VAT = £300.00 (£100.00 deposit required). Includes a free copy of 'Covert Imagery' ISBN: 9780953537853

Key Skills Learnt

  • DSLR & Mirrorless photography
  • Exposure, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Focal Length
  • Advanced photographic skills in relation to surveillance
  • Post Processing
  • Video Film Technique
  • Video editing
  • Practical Training & Exercises

Suitable for…

  • This two day course is suitable for those who want to gain the most out of their digital & video cameras with special emphasis on obtaining the 'money shot' covertly and preserving the integrity of photographic evidence.

Who the course is designed for

If you are new or experienced with digital photography, this course will teach you more than just the basics to become proficient with your camera and to improve your technique.

This two-day imagery course is primarily designed for investigators and enforcement officers who use digital SLR, mirrorless and video cameras in order to obtain photographic evidence.

Many investigators often fall into the trap of obtaining photographic images or video which are of poor quality and of little evidential value. Unfamiliarity of the equipment, incorrect exposure, blur, camera shake, poor focus and lack of experience causes many problems.

Qualification – Level 4 Certificate in Covert Surveillance Operations

If you have the Level 4 Award in Covert Surveillance Operations and are wishing to ‘up skill’ to the Level 4 Certificate, this training qualifies you to pass Unit 9, Unit 10 and part of Unit 12.

Course Content

This is a very ‘hands on’ course’ and you will be out for most of the time taking images and video, which includes daytime and night-time exercises.

The training will teach you:-

Digital Still Photography

  • Basic principles of still photography (exposure, speed, apertures, focal length, ISO).
  • Basic photographic skills.
  • Advanced photographic skills in relation to surveillance (low light, telephoto lenses).
  • Day & Night Practical Photographic Exercises.
  • Covert Methods & Techniques.
  • Post Processing adjustments in Photoshop.
  • Continuity of digital evidence.

Video Filming & Editing

  • Basic principles of video photography (aspect ratio, fps, ISO, shutter speed)
  • Basic video techniques.
  • Rapid deployment cameras.
  • Common mistakes with video.
  • Video editing and output.


On site first class self catering cottage is available at £50.00 per night, shared with other students.

Further Information

We supply all Canon digital SLR cameras, video cameras & lenses or you can use your own equipment. Warm outdoor clothing is required as most of the time is spent outside. The course is held in the Yorkshire Dales in groups of no more than four.

This surveillance photography training can also be held at your venue.

Course Dates

Harrogate £250 + VAT Enquire Now