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4 Day Rural Surveillance Training

4 Day Rural Surveillance Training


  • Duration:4 Days
  • Qualification:ISS Certificate
  • Other Details:Costs: £675.00 + VAT = £810.00 (£250.00 deposit required)

Key Skills Learnt

  • Reconnaissance & Planning
  • Rural Navigation
  • Route Selection
  • Camouflage
  • Concealment
  • Rural Hides
  • Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR)

Suitable for…

  • Suitable for those conducting investigations and surveillance in a rural environment

Who the Course is Aimed At

The course is designed to teach students how to insert, establish and run observations posts from rural hides in order to gather evidence and intelligence.

Instructors are former Royal Marines and Special Forces operators who have a wealth of experience conducting rural operations and teaching these same techniques to both British and foreign military personnel.

This course includes.

  • Reconnaissance, Planning & Briefing
  • Rural Navigation & Route Selection
  • Camouflage, Concealment & Movement
  • Methods of Insertion & Extraction
  • Rural Hide Construction
  • Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR)
  • The Static Follow
  • Video & Still Photography
  • Legal Issues & The Continuation of Evidence
  • Risk Assessments & Health and Safety
  • The Surveillance Codes of Practice & RIPA 2000
  • Realistic Practical Exercises

This course is mainly outdoors where you are likely to be working in wet, dirty and uncomfortable conditions.

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