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Counter Industrial Espionage Training

Counter Industrial Espionage Training


  • Duration:One Day
  • Qualification:ISS Certificate
  • Other Details:Please contact us if you require further information on this specialist training course.

Key Skills Learnt

  • Industrial Espionage Threat
  • Identifying Threats
  • Identifying Risks
  • Acton on threats
  • Security of Confidential Information
  • Methods used by intelligence gatherers
  • Counter Measures

Suitable for…

  • Businessmen & Women
  • Company Staff
  • Corporate Security
  • Brand Protection
  • Research & Development

Industrial Espionage Training & Workshops

The phrase ‘Industrial Espionage’ stirs up the imagination and makes you think of corporate spies lurking in the shadows, planting bugs in offices and using micro cameras to photograph documents. In fact, bugging probably only plays a very small part when obtaining commercial intelligence.

It all sounds very cloak and dagger but if we exchange the words ‘espionage’ and ‘intelligence’ for the word ‘information’, the concept of company information gathering becomes more realistic. The fact is, in the commercial and corporate world, it goes on, all of the time, especially when company legal proceedings are imminent. Industrial espionage is legal in the UK (depending on how it’s done) and is conducted by private investigators, freelance spies, competitors, radicals and journalists to name a few.

About our Course

This one-day course is designed for the business professional and corporate employees who may be at risk from threats of intelligence gathering at home, whilst travelling or in the workplace.

The training is classroom based using PowerPoint, the Internet, specialist surveillance equipment and eavesdropping devices. Real scenarios are used to reinforce training by tutors who have conducted corporate intelligence and investigations over the past 25 years.

Course Content

The training will provide the learner with knowledge to understand the principles and concepts of:

  • Threats to the company, individuals & stakeholders.
  • How private and confidential information is leaked and how it is obtained.
  • Methods used by intelligence gatherers such as: private investigators, journalists, reporters, corporate spies, competitors, radicals, head hunters, infiltration and stalkers.
  • How to take measures to protect yourself and the company’s interests.
  • What to do when discovering a threat.

This one day interactive workshop can be held at our training facility in Yorkshire or at your company premises by arrangement.Please contact us for more details.

Course Dates

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