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1 Day Surveillance Photography Workshop

1 Day Surveillance Photography Workshop


  • Duration:1 Day
  • Qualification:ISS Certificate
  • Other Details:Cost £150.00 + VAT = £180.00 (£50.00 deposit required).

Key Skills Learnt

  • Basic DSLR photography
  • Exposure, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Focal Length
  • Advanced photographic skills in relation to surveillance
  • Low Light, Telephoto Lenses
  • Practical Exercises

Suitable for…

  • This one day course is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn how to get the most from their digital camera with a slant on surveillance.

Who The Course is Forcovert imagery

This one day photography course is primarily designed for investigators and enforcement officers who use digital stills (SLR) cameras and video cameras in order to obtain photographic evidence. However, if you are new to digital photography, this course will teach you more than just the basics to become a proficient photographer and improve your technique.

At the end of which you are given a number of practical exercises to take away with you to practise.

Course Content

This one day ‘hands on’ course is suitable for the non technical person who wishes to learn and improve their photographic technique.  The training will teach you:-

  • Basic principles of still photography (exposure, speed, apertures, focal length)
  • Understanding digital cameras
  • Basic photographic skills
  • Advanced photographic skills in relation to surveillance (low light, telephoto lenses)
  • Complex metering and ISO settings
  • Practical photographic exercises

This workshop is normally held on the middle weekend of our two week advanced surveillance course.

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Course Dates

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