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One Day Investigative Workshops £99.00

One Day Investigative Workshops £99.00


  • Duration:One Day Workshops
  • Qualification:ISS Certificates for CPD
  • Other Details:These one day workshops are £99.00 plus VAT and held in Skipton, Yorkshire.

Key Skills Learnt

  • Covert CCTV
  • Image Enhancement
  • Rural & Urban Camera Deployments
  • Video Editing
  • Asset & Vehicle Tracking
  • Test Purchasing
  • Digital Photography

Suitable for…

  • Designed for professional investigators and surveillance operators

ISS Training have arranged a number of one day training workshops suited for the professional investigator and surveillance operator in order to improve their skills and enhance the service they provide.

These bite sized training workshops are held in Skipton on the following topics:

  • GPS Tracking & Covert Test Purchasing Video
  • Covert Urban & Rural CCTV
  • Video Editing & Image Enhancement
  • Digital DSLR Photography

One Day Technical Surveillance (Tracking & Covert Video)

This two part workshop is open to those who wish to learn how to use covert video cameras and tracking equipment as part of their investigative toolbox. The course is very practical in content and involves test purchasing exercises with a view to obtaining covert video evidence.

The deployment methods and use of tracking devices is also taught together with an understanding of current data protection and associated legislation.

Satellite Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Different types of GPS tracking devices are explained and how to maximise their use, whether attached to a vehicle or concealed within products, pallets or containers.

  • GPS Tracker uses & their limitations
  • Interpretation of tracked routes
  • Placement on vehicles
  • Concealment methods
  • RF based beaconry tracking
  • Legal issues surrounding tracker deployments
  • Tracking in support of conventional surveillance

Covert Video & Test Purchasing

The second part of the day covers the methods of planning and conducting a test purchase as part of an investigation or for mystery shopper visits. You will plan and conduct test purchase exercises using covert video cameras.

This course is also useful for fraud investigators or journalists using covert cameras to film indoors.

  • Covert camera uses & their limitations
  • Improvised covert cameras
  • Methods of concealment
  • Planning a test purchase
  • Camera set up and initialization
  • Conduct during a test purchase
  • Returning to a test purchase
  • Basic video editing & image enhancement
  • Live exercises.

This one day ‘hands on’ course is suitable for the non-technical person who needs to use tracking equipment and covert video to support their investigations.

£99.00 plus VAT
Date: Please enquire.

Concealed Covert CCTV

This one-day workshop is open to those who need to deploy covert video cameras in both urban and rural settings, or in warehouses and premises in order to gather video evidence.

This course is particularly useful for:

  • Commercial & Private Investigators
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Teams
  • Environmental Protection
  • Environmental Crime Teams
  • Wildlife Protection
  • Corporate Security Teams

The course is very practical in content and involves setting up covert camera systems for indoor and outdoor use whether it is for long term monitoring or a rapid deployment.

The Course Includes

External Urban & Rural Concealments

  • System design
  • Setting up covert video cameras & their limitations
  • CCTV Systems
  • Rapid deployment systems
  • Use of infrared illumination
  • Low light and night time recording
  • Motion detection
  • Timed recordings
  • Use of Wi-fi to recover data
  • Video over Wi-Fi
  • Camouflage & Concealment
  • Covert camera deployments in rural areas

This one day 'hands on' classroom course is suitable for the non-technical person who needs to use covert video cameras in order to gather and record evidence.

These workshops are designed to be informative, fun and practical, delivered by experienced practitioners. Come along, learn, meet like-minded people and take advantage of the networking.

£99.00 plus VAT
Date: Please enquire.

Video Editing for Surveillance Operators

This one day workshop is primarily designed for investigators and surveillance operators who use video cameras for obtaining filmed video evidence. It covers the continuity of evidence from camera to court and teaches you how to edit raw footage to present it to your client in a professional manner.

Image enhancement is also covered which uses Photoshop to bring out the detail in poor quality images.

This course is very practical and covers:

  • Correct settings for video cameras
  • Use of covert & overt video cameras
  • Continuity of evidence from camera to court
  • Video editing software
  • Practical video editing
  • Minimising collateral intrusion
  • Adding date & time
  • Taking stills from video
  • Image Enhancement
  • Exporting & saving video
  • Data Protection

We supply all video cameras, or you can use your own. You will be required to bring a laptop pre-loaded with video editing software, which we can advise you of with your course joining instructions.

This one day ‘hands on’ course is suitable for the non-technical person who wishes to learn and improve their video editing skills to produce professional results.

Date: Please enquire

Digital Photographycovert imagery

This one day photography workshop is primarily designed for investigators and enforcement officers who use digital stills (SLR) cameras and video cameras in order to obtain photographic evidence. However, if you are new to digital photography, this course will teach you more than just the basics to become a proficient photographer and improve your technique.

At the end of which you are given a number of practical exercises to take away with you to practise.

Course Content

The training will teach you:-

  • Basic principles of still photography (exposure, speed, apertures, focal length)
  • Understanding digital cameras
  • Basic photographic skills
  • Advanced photographic skills in relation to surveillance (low light, telephoto lenses)
  • Complex metering and ISO settings
  • Practical photographic exercises

£99.00 plus VAT

If you require further information about these one day workshops and seminars, please contact us direct.

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