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Professional Investigators Level 3 Award For SIA Licence

Professional Investigators Level 3 Award For SIA Licence


  • Duration:5 Days
  • Qualification:Level 3 in Professional Investigation
  • Other Details:Costs: £995.00 + VAT = £1194.00 (£250.00 deposit required). Free guest house accommodation included in Skipton.

Key Skills Learnt

  • Private Investigation
  • Process Serving
  • General Enquiries
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Statement Taking
  • Legislation
  • Tracing
  • Report Writing
  • Interviewing

Suitable for…

  • This course is suitable for those entering the investigation industry.
  • All relevant topics are covered to obtain an SIA Private Investigators Qualification Licence but the course far exceeds the minimum requirements and standards.

If you have selected ISS Training Ltd as your chosen training provider, we can say that you are already halfway to becoming a proficient professional investigator.

By choosing ISS, it demonstrates that you have an enquiring mind. It displays that you have carried out some research, investigated what is available elsewhere, evaluated your findings and made an informed decision.

This Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators is based on the SIA sia logospecifications of core competency training for Private Investigators. This six day course far exceeds the minimum requirements set by the SIA. The course is accredited by iQ.

The staff at ISS Training have been conducting surveillance and investigations for many years and the instructors teaching this course have a wealth of operational experience from the private sector, Military and Police Service.

Subject Matter and Content

This course not only covers the basic standards required to obtain a Private Investigators licence but also covers additional and useful skills to operate as an effective investigator.
These topics are covered in some depth:

  • Open Source IntelligenceABI Trainer
  • Surveillance Planning
  • Running an investigation business
  • Private Investigation
  • Theft Act, Human Rights Act, RIPA 2000
  • Process Serving
  • General Enquiries & Investigations
  • Statement Taking
  • Continuity of Evidence
  • Data Protection Legislation
  • Test Purchasing
  • Tracing & OSINT
  • Report Writing
  • Interviewing Witnesses
  • Covert Photography

ABI Academy

ISS Training Ltd are training providers on the Association of British Investigators (ABI) Academy.

Course Costs & Funding


This five day course is held in Yorkshire & London and includes the provision of all learning materials. Accommodation is included for the courses held in Yorkshire. We can also recommend nearby guest houses.

If you are from the military, ELCAS funding is available, our ELC number is 2292.

Course Dates

Skipton £1030 + VAT Enquire Now
Skipton £995 + VAT Enquire Now
Skipton £995 + VAT Enquire Now
Skipton £995 + VAT Enquire Now
Skipton £995 + VAT Enquire Now