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5 Day Basic Surveillance Course (IQ Level 4 Award)

5 Day Basic Surveillance Course (IQ Level 4 Award)


  • Duration:5 Days
  • Qualification:IQ Level 4 Award
  • Other Details:Costs: £850.00 + £90 assessment fee = £940.00 + VAT = £1128.00 (£250.00 deposit required) Free Accommodation Czech Republic: £940.00 and includes accommodation and meals.

Key Skills Learnt

  • Planning
  • Covert Communications
  • Foot & Mobile Surveillance
  • Anti Surveillance
  • Covert Vehicle Tracking
  • Evidence Gathering and Associated Law

Suitable for…

  • This basic course is suitable for those entering the industry or those who are already operating as an investigator or Enforcement Officer.
  • Close Protection Officers also attend this popular course.

About Our Basic Course

accThis course is open to anyone who wishes to learn basic surveillance skills and obtain a Level 4 Award in foot & mobile surveillance. We have taught those with absolutely no experience and also those who have been in the industry for some time. If you are a motorcyclist, we can also teach you motorbike surveillance.

ISS Training has developed this training course and has been accredited as a Level 4 Advanced Award and has been accredited under the Customised Qualification Framework. The course also incorporates the 'Private Investigator Best Practice' as defined by the SIA. ISS Training Ltd are well respected within the industry as surveillance training providers and our certificates can prove to a potential employer that you have received a highly regarded standard of structured surveillance training.

This course is also open to members of the Armed Forces carrying out resettlement training.

FREE Accommodation!

We are offering FREE complimentary guest house, self catering accommodation for students in Skipton.

Course Syllabus

Skills are taught which are necessary for gathering evidence by covert means and to become a proficient surveillance operator. We teach how to carry out surveillance on foot and by vehicle. These skills are then put into practise by carrying out supervised surveillance exercises out on the ground every day of the course. The training is further enhanced with lessons in relation to covert photography and vehicle tracking.

This course includes mobile training exercises that are realistic, structured and controlled to gain the most benefit for the student. All equipment such as vehicles, covert radios, and cameras are supplied. Our course vehicles are rented from a reputable supplier to ensure that they are safe, reliable and roadworthy at all times.

We normally limit this course to a maximum of nine students.

The system of surveillance we teach is in a three car team which is how we would expect any professional surveillance team to operate in. This way, you also have the knowledge, understanding and experience to operate effectively in a two man team, or on your own should this be the case.

We Have Trained

  • Private Investigators
  • Corporate Security Consultants
  • Close Protection Officers
  • Trading Standards Officers
  • Environment Agency
  • Housing Associations
  • Local Authorities
  • Security Officers
  • Professional Witnesses
  • Military Units

The Course Includes

  • Planning
  • Personal Dress & Awareness
  • Covert Communications
  • Foot Surveillance
  • Surveillance Triggers
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Surveillance Briefings & Debriefings
  • Anti Surveillance
  • Combined Foot & Mobile Surveillance
  • Evidence Gathering & Law
  • The Surveillance Codes of Practice & RIPA 2000
  • Vehicle Tracking


Assessment is carried out by the completion of a student workbook rather than a written exam together with practical assignments and exercises. This workbook is provided on day one of the course and assessed on completion of the training period. You will be expected to complete the workbook in your own time in the evenings. You are also assessed during practical surveillance exercises and this is a pass or fail assessment. You are not guaranteed a pass of the Level 4 Award if you do not achieve the required standard.

Course Costs & Funding

This one week course is held in Yorkshire and includes the provision of all equipment including vehicles, fuel, covert radios and cameras. Refreshments are also provided.

If you are taking the Level 4 assessment, a fee of £90.00 is included for registration, assessment and certification. You are not obliged to take the assessment, please let us know if you do not wish to take the assessment and you will not be charged.


Students must be able to converse fully in the English language (due to fast and accurate radio procedure). They must provide photographic proof of identity such as a driving licence or passport and to bring with them suitable clothing and an enthusiastic approach to learning. Refreshments are provided but lunches are not included.

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Course Dates

Skipton £940 + VAT Enquire Now
Skipton £940 + VAT Enquire Now
Skipton £940 + VAT Enquire Now
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