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4 Week Intelligence Operators Course

4 Week Intelligence Operators Course


  • Duration:4 Weeks
  • Qualification:Various. See Below
  • Other Details:This course is held in London & Skipton. Costs: £3,500 plus VAT. Accommodation is FREE for the 3 week Skipton portion of this course.

Key Skills Learnt

  • Advanced Surveillance
  • Team Leadership
  • Surveillance Photography
  • Professional Investigation
  • Covert Skills
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Foot Surveillance
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Technical Surveillance

Suitable for…

  • Those wanting to obtain the highest standard of surveillance training in one course and to progress to becoming a team leader.

About Our Four Week Advanced Surveillance Operators Course

This demanding course is designed for those who wish to learn basic and advanced skills in foot, mobile, static and technical surveillance who will be carrying out investigations and surveillance on a regular basis and wish to be qualified to operate as a team leader.

The major modules in this course are accredited by IQ at Level 3 and Level 4.

This course is also open to members of the Armed Forces carrying out resettlement training.

Course Syllabus

Skills are taught which are necessary for gathering evidence by covert means and to become a proficient surveillance operator and professional investigator. Our modular courses are combined into one and you will achieve the following qualifications

  • Level 4 Certificate in Managing Surveillance Operations (Advanced Surveillance)
  • Level 3 Award in Foot Surveillance
  • Level 3 Award in Professional Investigation

ISS Certificates in

  • Surveillance Photography
  • Open Source Intelligence

This course includes practical foot & mobile training exercises that are realistic, structured and controlled to gain the most benefit for the student.

All equipment such as vehicles, covert radios, and cameras are supplied.


London & Skipton, Yorkshire.

Course Costs & Funding

This four week course is held in London & Yorkshire and includes the provision of all equipment including vehicles, fuel, covert radios and cameras and refreshments.

Accommodation is included for the latter three weeks when we are in Skipton but not the first week in London. Assessment fees are also included in the costs.

Special Requirements

Students must provide two forms of photographic identity and must be able to converse fully in the English language (due to fast and accurate radio procedure).

Course Dates

Skipton £3500 + VAT Enquire Now
Skipton £3500 + VAT Enquire Now
Skipton £3500 + VAT Enquire Now