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Rural Rapid Deployment Cameras


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The ‘Blackeye 2’ Rapid Deployment Camera by Novetic Ltd

Why waste time, money and effort using or building covert camera systems with many components? Plastic cases, hard drive recorders, cables, cameras, more cables and batteries – only one component has to go on the blink for it all to fail.

The ‘Blackeye 2’ is a small, compact recording unit comprising of a low light camera, covert infrared illuminators and the ability to read vehicle number plates even when the headlights are shining into the lens.

Small, tough and once configured, is very quick to deploy; you can also reconfigure the device or retrieve the data by Wi-Fi, via a tablet or phone. The standard memory is 32Gb but this can be extended to 64Gb and the manufacturers claim that if configured to take one JPG every second, it will record for six days.

Rather than trawl through hours of video where nothing may be happening, the software simply identifies activity in an instant. No special software is needed as the configuration settings and viewing programme is built in and just needs an Internet browser to open it up. It works in both Windows and Apple Mac machines together with tablets and smart phones.

The battery usage is very similar to anything else on the market. A full charge will last approximately 18 hours or connected to a 12v car battery will last a week.

The Blackeye is probably one of the best remote quick deployment cameras on the market at the moment, is very simple and relatively inexpensive.