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Selling Yourself, CV’s & Applying for Work.. Pt One

20/01/14 - Written by Peter Jenkins

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This was first published on the ISS Training Facebook Group…

A few little guidelines when applying for jobs as our work is a little bit about paying attention to detail...

The comments below are borne from my recent request for an RST Operator where emails, photographs and CV’s get sent directly to the client, as I do not have the time to sift them all. I have been quite surprised and it makes me shudder because people purporting to be Bodyguards and capable of looking after a Principal’s interests and well being, find it difficult to follow simple instructions.

If it states in the Ad, email a CV & Photograph, do exactly that.

If it states, ‘do not add to this thread’, do not add to it. You’ve just lost yourself a chance.

Check the Properties box in the MS Word file of your CV and remove the name of the person who’s CV you plagiarised and used as a template.

Put an age on the CV! If I was born in 1962 how old am I? .............. There you go, it took you about 30 seconds to work it out and you are still not sure. If there are 20 CV’s, that’s 10 minutes of someone’s precious time wasted on working out everyone’s DOB. You want to make it easy for yourself, otherwise the CV does not get read past the DOB and canned.

If you say you have attached a CV, then make sure you attach it, especially when the first line of your CV reads, ‘I am a highly motivated, skilled professional with an eye for detail...’

If it asks for a photograph, make sure you are smart and presentable, not on the seafront in a deck chair or appearing like you’ve crawled out from under a bush with a threatening pose.

If you are listing qualifications, list the date and training provider, otherwise it goes in the bin. People have not got time to chase you up to ask, they want to know whether you trained with a reputable CP company or a bunch of ejits. and how long ago.

A lot of this job is about attention to detail... get it right guys. I'm trying to help. If you think the above comments are harsh then train to be a plumber and set up shop in Nidderdale because there's a big demand...

Remember: You do not get a second chance to make a first impression....