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Why Not Train More in London?

27/01/13 - Written by Peter Jenkins

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We are often asked why we do not run more basic foot and mobile surveillance training courses in the London area.

At the moment we run our 3 day foot surveillance course but this does not include any mobile element to it. At first view, you would think that this would be a good idea as London is a large catchment area for potential students, especially for those that do not wish to travel to Skipton in Yorkshire or bear the burden of the extra expense of accommodation.

However, on occasions we have conducted training in London but have found that ideally, it has to take place just inside or outside the M25 circular. Anymore central would not be beneficial to basic training: the instruction would be impeded by volumes of traffic and we would not get very far in terms of distance and learning value! We understand that it is 'real life' and surveillance will be conducted in the City but it is not ideal for basic training, especially for the novice.

The last mobile surveillance course that we ran in the London area was conducted in the Romford area, which gave us good access to various types of urban districts. However, those students that lived on the west side of the city initially decided to commute daily. However, on day two and after being fed up of the two hour drive at each end of the day and the risk of turning up late, the students decided to get a hotel nearby (not cheap either).

Therefore, wherever we decide to hold a course in the London area, someone has to travel and pay for accommodation, so why not just travel to Skipton? Get the traveling over and done with at the start and enjoy the rest of the course. There are two trains a day direct from London Kings Cross or every half hour if you go via Leeds or York and it takes about 3 hours, so come up and see us.

After all, Skipton's a really nice place to work with Bradford, Leeds and Halifax within 40 minutes.

Remember, you need to be able to walk before you can run..


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