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1 to 2 Coaching


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Covid19 - Adapt & Overcome


The New Training Concept from ISS Training

Surveillance Training & Coaching on a 1 to 3 Basis.




With the governments ever changing policies in respect of Covid Policy, we are looking at a slight change of tack in addition to what we are doing in respect of surveillance training.

We are trialing a training system on a 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 basis (one instructor to three students) to be trained and coached in Harrogate area. The Level 4 course content remains the same and the training exercises will commence with two cars, progressing onto a three-car team, working ‘one up’. You will be in the cars every day for the duration and on public transport the second week.

This means that the students can be tutored by one instructor, receiving much more personal coaching, resulting in a faster progression and a higher skill set.

Please contact us if you wish to take part as places are very limited.