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We Have Standards - This is Important


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“…There is a difference between being surveillance trained and having attended a surveillance training course…”

We are a serious training company, our instructors are very experienced and we take this line of work seriously. We do not play act it, we are not commercially driven to make a ton of money, nor do we promise you work if you attend one of our courses. If you have no desire to work hard and not give 100% effort into your personal development you have come to the wrong place.

If you do not fit the criteria below, there are other companies who will be happy to take your money in return for a certificate. Please understand, we do not issue automatic passes or certificates of attendance. You have to reach our high standards in order to achieve a pass.

A pass with ISS displays to any potential employer what standard your skills will be, it tells them a lot about you. We expect particular personal qualities of those that attend our courses, these will contribute to you in becoming an effective surveillance operator.

To enrol on an ISS surveillance training course, you MUST:

• Have proof if identification (passport & driving licence).
• Have a minimum of 12 months driving experience with a full licence.
• Be able to converse fully in the English language both orally and written.
• Be conversant in Ms Word and PowerPoint.

It is also desirable that you are

• A confident driver
• Mentally agile and able to multi task
• Quick thinking & quick to react
• Have good eyesight and good hearing
• Have a reasonable level of fitness
• Are proficient at using technical equipment
• Are able to work on your own initiative and as a team member
• Are able to concentrate under pressure.

If you do not fit the above, you are wasting your time and money coming to us. We can afford to be choosy, we are the professionals choice and we have a credible history operating at high levels.

The Intelligent Choice, the Professionals Choice.